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OCSS provides cost effective measure and value added solutions that does not compromise our standards of care. We are your new Healthcare Reform: quality service and products equating to cost savings. Our business model benefits the hospitals, surgical centers, insurance companies, doctors and our patients. Our trained professionals possess innovative attributes, proficiency in their training & education, and the "know how" to get it done attitude.  A uniqueness that sets us apart from others in B2B industry.  


***We have launched our Medical Supply Division!! We have immediate access to quality and brand named medical products. Which give us full range of varies Medical/Dental/Laboratory Equipment & Life Science Supplies. Refer to our Product Tab to learn more.



Need to find Certified Surgical Assistants?

Need to find Registered Nurses?

Need to find Certified Nurse Anesthestists?

Need to find Certified Physician Assistants?

Need to find Certified Medical or Nursing Assistants?

Whatever the Healthcare need we are you one stop shop!!


Need to find Quality Medical/Dental Supplies fast?

Need to find Life Science Products?

Whatever your medical needs are;  let us do the shopping for you!

Affordable Healthcare Industry Today!

OCSS has built an expansive Professional Networking Team.

Which branches into various arena of the Healthcare sector: Healthcare staffing, Medical & Surgical Supplies, Health Information Technology and future endeavors in Medical Waste. all. We are have answers to affordable health care; where everyone gets service!

On Call Surgical Services take pride in our diverse business opportunities. Which allow to employ various skill sets us to provide assistance to your various needs. We stand ready at all times!  For employment opportunities, partnering or questions see contact information: showellr@ocssllc.com   or  (847)420-1704